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Day of Action: Hydraulic Fracking

A green event here at Dickinson in which I participated in was “Day of Action” on February 22, 2011. For “Day of Action”, my Earth Now club constructed a mini drill rig, using 2×4’s, and pvc pipes. We painted the … Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture

I thought I’d post this clip now, as a nice introduction to some of the issues we’ll be talking about next week with Professor Sinan Koont, a specialist on the topic. The commentator in this video is certainly wildly optimistic … Continue reading

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Che and Fidel, A “how to” on Revolutions and Socialism.

This weeks remaining works come from a speech given by Fidel Castro in 2003 regarding some of Cuba’s successes, as well as some of America’s shortcomings. We also read Che Guevara’s Cuba: Historical exception or vanguard in the anticolonial struggle?, … Continue reading

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Culpability of Developed Nations for Environmental Damage

After reading about Castro and Guevara for Monday’s class I was really interested by the assertion that the more developed nations of the world are primarily responsible for Environmental destruction. While this is very true on the grounds that more … Continue reading

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CO2 and Foreign Oil

Here is an up to date diagram ranking countries based on their carbon emissions in millions of tons. I thought it related to the article we read which mentioned how China had recently surpassed the US in its CO2 emissions. … Continue reading

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“Cuba: The Accidental Revolution”

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Here’s the introduction to a documentary from the Canadian television series, “The Nature of Things,” about changes to Cuba’s agriculture following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Tweet This Post

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Socialism in Cuba and the Environment

The first reading I’m going to discuss is Conquering Nature, The Environmental Legacy of Socialism in Cuba. Throughout this reading I felt that blame for environmental issues in Cuba always seemed to be placed upon someone other than the Cuban … Continue reading

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China and the Environment: Links

We’ve seen how a central, authoritarian government that allows for little-to-no open debate can launch campaigns that have a tremendously negative effect on the environment (for example, irrigation for cotton in Central Asia leading to the disappearance of the Aral … Continue reading

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China’s Smog and the Olympics

Remember the ’08 Olympics? They were cool and all, Phelps, scary China medal collections and so on…but a major issue was the persistent smog problems surrounding Beijing.  There were a lot of concerns coming from the Olympic camps across the … Continue reading

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China Takes Note

Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear energy plant has struck fear into the heart of China’s 1.3 billion citizens. The earthquake and tsunami which ravaged through Japan has left the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in a state of potential meltdown, as experts … Continue reading

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