More great links!

A few more fascinating stories related to some of the themes of the course:

  • Tom Philpott is back again on Grist, reporting on a study for the journal Science that argues that factory farming really is not the best way to feed large numbers of people. His post includes links to various studies on the topic.
  • has a photo slide of an amazing new housing development in Nanjing, China, that aims to push new boundaries in sustainable and environmentally friendly architecture.
  • Click here for a very critical review of Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. This is part of the American Enterprise Exhibit, and the exhibit explicitly asks for reader feedback.
  • While this is just a great article in The New Yorker from 1987 (!) related to humanity’s (and, in some ways, capitalism’s) attempts to control nature, looking specifically at the Mississippi River (very appropriate considering the current flooding).

Thanks, everyone, for a great semester!!

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  1. Иван Бездомный says:

    Just occured to me tonight: Why not devote a class to Jonestown (a communist commune in Guyana best known for drinking the cool aid). Seems to be a good way to connect back to the US, and interesting given the strong support for the project by powerful US politicians.

    Have a great week!

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