Project Update

Well I have finally been able to track down this Lemuel Terrell character. However, I have stumbled upon something very interesting in my research. While looking for him which has taken me about 5 days and with help from Mrs. Bombaro and Jim from the Archives I have discovered that Lemuel Terrell, which is what the 1860 and 1880 Federal Census say. May also be the Lemuel Terrel in the 1840 census. Both of whom lived in New York and then apparently moved to Pennsylvania and in 1880 when recorded had a family as well. Also as a side note I have come across a Lemuel Terrel who lived in Virginia around the time when the 1840 Census was taken. The trail goes cold on him after that. Now it’s just piecing the two gentlemen together who may be the same person just under a different spelling. Keep all you updated.