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A final strange statistic is the amount that have been killed or wounded. Thus far, merely fifteen percent of the men became victims of the confederacy. Now, I expect this figure to rise as I find more of these soldiers’ fates, but for the time being, this is still considerably lower than I estimated. This could also be related to the amount of soldiers who pushed through the ranks. In order to avoid dying for something they did not sign up for, these men pushed through the ranks and found ways to live. However, this is not set in concrete, and could simply be a result of the amount of information I have gathered about these men. As I find more soldiers, the data will become clear enough to establish an argument. For the moment, this could also be a result of the nature of data collection. Clearly, higher ranking officers will be much easier to find than a private who deserted or was killed relatively early on in the war, which could skew my data at the moment.h

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  1. You are kidding, right? This is in one hour almost as many posts as you have made all term before this (four) … why not post one sentence at a time and boost your numbers for the term, as well!

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