Transcribed Letter

This is a letter from James Wallace, Dickinson class of 1840, to John Bachelder, the official government historian of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Letter of Col. James Wallace

Cambridge, Maryland

July 4th, 1878

Major John Bachelder

Dear Sir

You circular letter in relation to the maps of the field of Gettysburg was duly received. I am much pleased with the work. I am sorry I did not meet with you at the spot on last decoration day, to point out an omission in the location of the 1st E.S. Md. Vol. under Lockwood on the 3d July. We were dispatched about 8 o’clock AM from across the Baltimore Pike, down Spanglers Lane to reinforce Genl. Geary. We took position on the crest of the slope, Geary’s extreme left, on Culp’s Hill, at the angle in toe works as shown by your maps, to the right of the swale.

We arrived just in time & opened fore over the heads of a Pennsylvania regiment laying in the trenches out of amunition & repelled the last dash of Stewarts Confederate brigade & held the position until 10 o’clock Am when we were relieved.

This was the regiment that appeared in new uniforms & bright burnished arms, that attracted the attention of the reporter of the New York Herald & noticed by him in his account of the affair at that point on the 3d (which please see). I do not perceive that you place my regiment at that place. It was the turning point of the day on Culps Hill. The 1st Maryland Confederate regiment met us and were cut to pieces. We sorrowfully gathered up many of our old friends & acquaintances & had them carefully & tenderly cared for.

In your isometrical drawing you place Lockwood too far to the right towards Mr. Patersons Mill. We were there at night &threw up the defense, but we met the enemy on Culps Hill & lost all of our men there.

I will be grateful if you correct this matter & give us the position & credit we are entitled to.

Yours respectfully

James Wallace

Late Col. 1st E.S. Md. Vol.

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