Thoughts about our new project at AhaMove

It’s been almost two months since we at AhaMove started the Pooling feature. Like some of you who’re familiar with Uber may guess, it’s a new function that allows customers to use our service at lower prices but higher delivery time. Specifically, our couriers will pick up multiple – instead of one – packages whose routes are relatively similar and deliver them at the same time. Even though it’s just started at the beginning of June, this project had been designed and developed for over a year, long before I came.

I joined AhaMove when the preparation process was at the end. Everyone was holding their breathe waiting for the service’s debut; this is one of the most important project of our company this year. After all over a year of hard work, there were still many problems. How to increase the matching rate between different orders’ routes while still ensuring lowest delivery time? How to make couriers accept and even love the new service despite its lower prices? How to promote it among our customers? Even after the program has been launched, there were still many other issues, from major to little, tiny daily ones we needed to work on. There were countless discussions, meetings, and even conflicts. The whole company was on fire during these two months, from our CEO, the departments’ directors to even us employees.

Being a part of such “chaos” was admittedly pressuring but also very inspiring and eye-opening. Pooling is our completely new feature. Seeing the launching of this project is like seeing how a company build its everything from scratch. For a potential entrepreneur like me, that was definitely an invaluable opportunity.

In my previous blogs, I have been talking about how the internship at AhaMove so well. It’s still true, and I appreciate this experience so much. Having said that, I am deeply grateful to Dickinson College and its donors for my internship grant. Without their generosity, I undoubtedly would not have had the precious opportunity of working at AhaMove. I’m really looking forward to the last four weeks and upcoming experiences at the company.

The hustle and bustle even at lunch time in our office during the launching of the new Pooling project. Credit to our CEO Truong Nguyen – thank you for helping us capture our precious moments!

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