5,000 Kilometers and A Busy Summer

Above is the photo of my motorbike’s odometer at the beginning of the summer and now. Working at AhaMove, I’ve been traveling a distance of 35 kilometers twice a day, six days a week and for the last three months. That added up to 5,000 kilometers, or 3,100 miles, which is equal to 16 times the distance between Carlisle and New York. In terms of time, it’s taken me one and a half hour per day and almost six days in total to just literally go to work.

Having to travel that much to work has its own bright side for me, a person who works closely with motorbike couriers. It shows me experiences and troubles and difficulties the couriers may have on the road, giving me a bit of how it feels being a motor-rider myself. Understanding of the job you’re doing and the people you’re dealing with is undoubtedly important.

However, the downsides of having to devote such amount of time and effort outweigh those advantages. Besides my full-time internship and this weekly blog, I am currently taking a mandatory summer course due to curricular differences between Dickinson College and University of East Anglia where I’m studying abroad next semester. That’s already a lot of work, not mentioning my two VISA applications, one US and one UK, and the Dickinson’s Internship Notation Program (INP) I have to occasionally report to. Going back home at 7:30 PM already worn out after a long working day and long journey, therefore, doesn’t seem to be my favorite thing this summer.

Having said that, such a busy life is not totally a disaster. Human’s body is like a machine; if you leave it inactive for too long, the gears will be rusty and the engines defective. On the other hand, however, if you keep it overworking for too long, the machine will get overheat and gradually broken as well.

I did not expect nor realize my summer would be this busy until the beginning of it after all the things I had signed up for at the end of the semester suddenly rushing towards me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about those things at all – the internship has been one of the best summer experience I’ve had, while this weekly blog program allowed me to reflect, understand and appreciate such experience even more.

It’s just not really a good idea to have too much of anything. It’s like food – despite how good it is, you wouldn’t be able to have anymore if you’re already full. You’d be overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. Everyday after eight hours at work, I’d go home and prepare a blog, write an INP reflection or do my summer course’s homework until 1 or 2 AM. I haven’t really had much time with my family and friends, and that’s what I felt bad the most about.

Having said that, I’ve realized how important it is to have a positive mindset particularly during an internship. Your internship could be one of the most amazing, eye-opening experience you’ve ever had, but you would never be able to get the most out of it with a tired, unmotivated spirit. I recommend that you maintain a hobby, something that can refresh your mind and keep you going, something of your interests. For me, I’ve chosen my occasional after-work soccer matches and it’s worked pretty well, even though it’d delay my returning home until 11 PM and make me stay awake even later that night to do homework.

This has been the most active summer I’ve ever had, and I think I’ve managed it quite well. In exchange of all those three month’s time and effort, I’ve gained and learned a lot of lessons, enough for me to say that I’d do it all over again if the time ever rewinded. There are only a few days left in my internship and my summer, and I look forward to closing my time nice and neat here!

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