A real experience

It’s been over a week since my first day at AhaMove. It’s not long and definitely not enough for me to say much about the company and my three-month internship. There are problems and challenges for me, of course. However, everything has been going well and great. Things I did, people I met, conversations I had – the experience I’ve had so far is just as what I hoped for when applying for the internship – a real experience.

AhaMove, the company I’m interning, is a startup that focuses on same-day delivery on a technological platform on smartphones in Vietnam. “Just like UberEATS or Dropoff”, one may say. However, there is one difference between us and them: we are a small company founded just two years ago. Working in a newly-founded startup is obviously different from that in a big company. Besides more work and probably higher pressure, in a startup things seem less structured, organized and, I would say, “messy”.

I remember my first day at AhaMove. My job as an Operation Intern is to help the company increase supplies of deliverers, in terms of both quantity and quality. However, I did not know what I need to do even until stepping into the office on that Friday morning. I spent half of that first day reading brochures and posters about deliverer recruitment processes, trying to understand how everything worked. There was no training program or instruction on what I need to do in the internship. Whenever I had questions, I had to bring them to my supervisor or ask colleagues who had worked before me. Things were learned on the spot, and this sometimes can be challenging to many. To me, however, I also find this experience to be especially priceless.

I understand college and real world can be really different environments in many ways. One will need not only technical skills and knowledge, but also the abilities to adapt and constantly improve. That’s why I chose a startup like AhaMove. It’s an environment in which everything is still small, everything has just started and is constantly changing. In such an environment, I will be exposed to everything and have the chance to try and experience everything. A real experience! Besides, working in a startup allows me to get to know and learn more about all the young, passionate and talented colleagues. All of these I doubt will be available in a big, multi-leveled company. What can be taken out of that, therefore, could be more than just work but also life experience and good friends.

As I rode my bike out of the company’s parking lot at 6:30 PM everyday, my mind was always full of thoughts about the experience I have had so far. Like I said, it’s been only over a week and too early for me to say much about this internship. However, I’m feeling like I’m growing and learning a bit more every, and I look forward to the next twelve promising weeks.

The company's office on an early Tuesday morning
The company’s office on an early Tuesday morning