Back to Back at AhaMove

It’s been three weeks since I started working at AhaMove. Or, more precisely, “re-started”. Yes, last summer I had interned also at this technologically based delivery company, and also for three months. I was a member of the Operations Department in which our role was to ensure a robust and healthy team of shippers. The tasks varied a lot, including recruiting drivers, training them, resolving their operational issues, and developing incentive programs to improve their productivity.

I was mostly interested in the developing and analyzing incentive programs – I have always been keen on math, and that role let me dig into databases and work with million of numbers to find insights related to drivers’ working processes. For that reason, this summer I wanted to return to AhaMove, or “Aha” for short, to explore more that interest of mine. A month after finishing my application and online tests for the Data Analyst Collaborator position in the Business Intelligence, I got accepted.

Many people including both friends and family asked me why I wanted to return to Aha. Why go back? Why not apply for another company and diversify your experience?

I agreed with them on the benefits of having a diverse experience. However, it does not mean that this return will the same with last summer. AhaMove is a potential startup which changes and grows remarkably day by day. There’re always lots of new things for me to learn, especially after a year of growth and development. More importantly, this time I am in a different department with a different position. I will work not only with the Operations team on drivers’ issues but also with the Business Development department on the customers’ side and with the Marketing unit to tackle branding challenges. My new role in the Business Intelligence is going to allow me to explore more about data science – my career interest, which I could not do previously in the Operations team.

At first I chose AhaMove partly because it’s a start-up – I love working in new and small companies in which I can see everything being built from scratches and take lessons firsthand. It still is a young and dynamic company where I know I will learn greatly. Moreover, the people is also one of the reasons that brought me back. We at AhaMove have bonds that expand outside the company’s walls and offices.

Three weeks into the programs, everything has been just as I expected. I have been exposed to many opportunities, met a lot of people, and learned a lot. It’s still early to say anything further than, but I feel very hopeful about this return of mine.

Front doors of the On-boarding room in which new drivers come to register and receive training


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