Company trip

I have recently returned from a three-day-four-night trip with the whole company. It was the second trip I had chances to enjoy as a member of AhaMove – the first time was three weeks ago with my Business Intelligence team, and this time the whole company joined with us.

Our destination was Danang, one of the most famous and tourist attracted cities in Central Vietnam. Our company’s limited budget put us on a sixteen hour-long train, but instead of inconvenience and discomfort we had amazing time together to play cards, board games, and watch the World Cup which was getting to the final stages at that time.

Us on the train enjoying our company-wide board game “Werewolf”

We spent the next three days and two nights with sand, beach, delicious local food, and shopping around the near-by local markets. It was a super relaxing getaway where we could all take a break from the data and number and the stressful work before getting back refreshed and ready. Our company and team are both young and full of people around my age, so rather than a formal company thing it was more like an enjoyable trip with friends.

Bonding time by the beach

Having said that, I feel very grateful having been able to join the trip. The whole trip’s cost was personally very high for me, around four-fifth of my as well as other interns’ monthly salary. Therefore our team’s other members each decided to make a small donationĀ in order for us all to be able to enjoy this opportunity. Words cannot describe how thankful I am and how strong the bonds within our team have become.

This trip also made me think about the important of a break and when to have it. It is crucial to be focused and submerge yourself in the work to have the best understanding and deliver the highest quality of work, but when needed a break is important. A fresh and relaxed mind, after a break, will obviously benefit you and your work more than a constantly stressed and tired one.

Hoi An Old Street – one of the destinations during our trip in Danang

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