The people

Today marks the end of my summer internship at AhaMove.

The last three months have been a blast for me, again. This is the second time I come to AhaMove. I have had the chances to do what I desire, or at least is desiring to do – data science and data analysis.

However, more than that it is the people that I am mostly grateful about this opportunity. The young, talented, hopeful, energetic and inspiring people of AhaMove. Everyday coming to work was a day full of mixed feelings. The fun of being around people with the same age, same ideas and dreams. The enthusiasm when finding new things and learning new stuffs. The inspiration  of working side by side with those brilliant people. Everyday coming to work was a day full of hopes, energy and happiness for me.

Personally, going back to AhaMove but in a different role and a different team was a perfect move of me. I got the chance to be back in the dreamed working environment of AhaMove, but was still able to challenge myself in a different position and meet new people. Again, especially the people. Three month went by and our bonds have surely been stronger than simply coworker-ship.

Having said that, I am thankful to be a receiver of Dickinson’s Internship Grant. This grant has again allowed me to do what I love to and fulfill my summer, which no doubt has been a huge step in my career path in the future.

These last few words are for my Business Intelligence team at AhaMove and the great people there. Thank you for the last three months. Thanks for opening up and welcoming me, for teaching me lessons and for being friends with me. I have known, I have learned, and, most importantly, I have felt happy. No one knows what the future holds, but I hope we will meet down the road, and definitely you and AhaMove are something I am absolutely never going to forget.

Here to the “Vote Kill” team!

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