“People are part of the environment, not just caretakers, and we are at the core of our environmental troubles. Environment then, is also about human and civil rights, economic equity, gender equality, and from the standpoint of a pilgrim on the road, environment is about how we treat each other when we meet each other.”
-John Francis, PlanetWalker

The above quote from John Francis always gets me thinking about the role of humans in the environment and the ways in which everything in our world is connected: people, economics, civil rights, social issues, and how those are all interconnected with the state and health of the natural environment, whether we realize it or not. The last line “environment is about how we treat each other when we meet each other” makes me think about human rights, human health, and how the well-being of people within societies very much reflects the ways in which the environment is treated. I feel like I’m starting to ramble, so I will leave it at that. A lot to think about….


Lauren Jeschke


Written on September 14th, 2013 , Uncategorized

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