Wrapping it all up

It has been an honor and pleasure to represent Dickinson this summer during my duration of work experience. I feel like the values instilled upon me at Dickinson has been vital to my success. If it wasn’t for the internship grant and the career center nothing would have been possible. Dickinson truly is an amazing place, and to be able to apply my Dickinson edge in the real world is priceless. I have learned that the real world is very challenging, and education serves as an important stepping stone into your professional career. Wherever I end up in life, I will always remember and reflect back on my time at Dickinson and for sure my Internship this summer. Kudos to all the faculty and career center for making anything possible for the students.

Investment achieved

Hello all, IAS has officially gained an investment of Hackers and founders. This is a company which takes 5 percent of your company and in return gives you there services which include pitch deck support, office space, and any other business professional services. No money is given, just there services which is the start we needed. Now that we have teamed up with them, we can now get our pitch deck ready for foundations which will hopefully grant us the money needed to get IAS implemented and we can start saving lives! We have a goal to obtain money by September, which will leave IAS rolling hot into the fall. Hackers and Founders also places IAS in an investment pool of 12 companies. If one company succeeds, IAS enjoys the proceeds. This gives the motivation for all the companies to succeed. Also, I would like to note that IAS was one of twelve companies this year to team up with them, which is a true honor for IAS and shows that Hackers and Founders believes in the mission to save more lives. Stay tuned!!

The help from Dickinson College Internship Grant

Boy things are pricy in CA, especially in the valley. The Internship Grant has done wonders to my experience in CA. It has given me the ability to pay for food, transportation, etc. It is so wonderful that Dickinson has the ability to do this because for an un-paid internship you give up the opportunity for a paid job. I knew that accepting my internship with IAS would be life changing, but going the summer without a paying job would be difficult considering the high-expensed area of CA I’m in. I recommend getting an Internship to any rising sophomore at Dickinson because it gives you a real-life experience of the real world. Although education is important, it is also vital to see how the business world operates. Regardless to our future careers, the business world will pay an important aspect. With he help of the grant money from Dickinson, I was able to have this experience, one that will forever change my view on the world (in a good way). All in all, Dickinson and the career center made everything possible for the students, and want the student to have the ability to have the summer they imagine.

Slow but steady…

Things have been going well here. IAS has moved closer to funding now. More information to come, as we are about to get funded most likely in the next few weeks. We have met with many people who can help the process which helps extremely. Below is the list of accomplishments for far from last week.

  1. Some architecture documentation
  2. Technical specification (software technologies used, database scheme, …)
  3. Documentation for the vital signs information software
  4. Source code for the current implementation of the IAS alert panel and Digital Ocean-based server software.

Stay tuned for further details….



The most important steps are the baby steps…

It’s been a while since I have written, but so much has been happening since last time! IAS now has a working pitch deck, which can be used to present to investors. This is a vital tool, along with the financials. Now that the deck is complete, we are a huge step closer to investors. Some other specifics I can’t include because of privacy reasons, but we are very close to getting the 1.5 million dollars needed. I have been building huge professional networks, including many business professionals. Many important things personally that have been important to doing well is having strong writing skills, and having a good ability to communicate. Communicate both written and both verbally is essential and both heavily judge you always. Most importantly, just trust you’re self and you will be great. As we move into the next weeks, we will hopefully have the money in our hands, and get even closer to saving more lives. IAS will succeed if we have full dedication from everyone on the team. Sometimes, busy personal lives get in the way, which is understood. Stay tuned for more updated, and exciting news.

INVESTORS here we come…..

Things are really moving along here, as IAS is moving closer to getting funding to get everything launched. IAS has had a few very productive meetings, which includes an in-depth look into the financials. We now have projections of cost of goods sold, and revenue all the way until 2020. This information will be extremely important when approaching investors. The type of investors we need to approach will be those focused on feel good investments. IAS mission seems to be fitting into a non-profit mission but we are still progressing to be a for profit business. Things may change; depending on what type of investors seems to be interested. We will be asking for 1.5 million dollars, but we need only a couple hundred thousand to be able to hire software engineers. Things are moving in the positive direction, and it seems like the immediate next step is to work on getting patents, mainly because this is also very attractive to potential investors. My tasks have mainly been research on potential organizations/foundations to support, possible advertising venues, and possible trade shoes to attend. The next few weeks are going to be very exciting for IAS! Stay tuned..

Advertising Venue possibilities research begins!

As my first week here at IAS comes to a conclusion, I would like to describe some of the work I have been doing. But first, I would like to say how nice everyone has been here. Sean Lanthier, Chief Visionary Officer, has been a wonderful at making me feel at home. I am staying at his house, along with his wife Jen. His grandchildren come to visit every so often and are extremely adorable. The Lanthier family has done a great job welcoming me, and showing me the local area. Apple, Google, Linkedin, and numerous other start-ups are all extremely close.

After our first IAS meeting, I was assigned a variety of tasks to work on independently. First off, I was assigned to research possible advertising opportunities for IAS. My thinking behind Advertising venues is what are the major publications (on-line and in print) focused on firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders (particularly focused on the decision makers) where we should consider advertising?  Who should we reach out to from an editorial and contributed article standpoint? During this process I have looked at my Firefighter Unions, and white paper publications. This information will be valuable when it comes time to market IAS systems. During this process, I am starting to create a spreadsheet with essential information (publication name, contact info, focus, type of “presence” IAS could have via ads, contributed articles, collaborations with publication staff, editorial staff contact info). This has been my focus for this week, and essentially my goal because at the start of next week I will move on to exploring possible conferences and seminars to attend. Please stay tuned for further updates on my work experience.

So how did I get this Internship?

Wow! After the conclusion of a wonderful first-year at Dickinson, I can now take what I have learned inside the classroom and apply them to the real world. It was a goal of mine to have an internship at the conclusion of my first-year. I knew that this would be tricky because most companies don’t hire first-year students. I didn’t accept this assumption because I knew my experiences and involvement on campus should shine a light. My involvements included Liberty Cap Society, IdeaFund (Finance and Liabilities Team), Investment Group, Red Cycle Delivery (Founder), FIG Mentor and Economics Major Committee. These experiences enabled me to have credentials behind my name.

I have been talking with Patricia Collins ’71 through Linkedin since October 2014. I found her on the Alumni page and she seemed nice from the start. At first, she help edit my resume, which would make it more presentable. This was extremely helpful, yet time consuming. I felt like this was amazing especially because she spent so much time to really make the resume perfect. We had a good communication from the start, which kept me confident. She also watched my Linkedin profile to make sure it looked exceptional. As our communication continued over the few month, we got to know each other. While on the golf course in Florida on spring break, I checked my phone (Which I never do on the golf course). The message was from Patricia, asking how my Internship search was going, and that if I still wanted to come to California for a free internship. I initially freaked out because this was my dream, and she knew I was willing to travel out there. After I sent 3 messages back saying “YES I WANT THIS”, we talked further about the options. It landed me with Incident Aide Systems (IAS) who is founded by Sean Lanthier a retired fireman. Patricia has a very extensive background with technology thanks to her success working at Hewlett Packard (HP). Essentially, IAS designs technology for paramedics and first responders with the hopes to save more lives. IAS is registering to be a non-profit which enables funding form the government, and they will have less pressure on ROI (Return on Investment) with potential angel investors. The company is a start-up with huge upside potential.

Patricia has made this opportunity possible for me and Kudos to Dickinson for creating such a great Alumni network for students. This opportunity would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Internship grant. Going 8 weeks un-paid is challenging and the grant allows me to take this opportunity. Dickinson is a fine institution, which enabled me to thrive this summer. Dickinson has taught me to think outside the box and to ask questions. Both these skills will help me in the future.