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June 20, 2013 | | Leave a Comment

It’s been a few weeks since the internship has started. Most of my preconceived notions of International Development have proven true. It is much more complex than the picture that Peace Corps paints. International development’s advertising agencies appeal to the public through humanitarian channels. Printing and plastering posters of an underfed, impoverished 8 year old minority, ruefully staring at the camera subtly screaming “help me!” with her despairing eyes, flinging stereotypical flyers and brochures full of happy african school kids flocking around the volunteers that teach them. It’s all “Kumbaya, we’re all in this together!” But the truth is international development, like anything in this globalized world, is politically and economically driven. Active development agencies often gear policies in their own personal interests, not that of the recipient countries. These impoverished, recipient countries become motives for development agencies, targets for personal gain. If the political risk of going into a country is too great, the agency will remain afar, fearing persecution from their own government and other agencies.

As a result of our globalization, I feel that we have lost our humanitarian touch. Everything is produced with economic and political intent and thought. There is an endless production of goods, and endless political chatter.

My generation has been inculcated with mindless white noise. We are so ignorant, so narrow-minded, so prejudice. We are so materialistic, so thoughtless, so obedient, so complacent. We have lost the value of interpersonal interactions. We have lost the profound value of conversation. We have lost the value of morals. We don’t understand why, but we don’t ask why. We were never taught to question, but merely accept. We are kept suppressed, docile, and content with the most superficial of things. We are kept busy with the latest gadget out on the market. Because of these gadgets, because of today’s fast paced world, we are conditioned for instant achievement. There is no more gratification in hard work, or earning things. There is only instant-gratification, obtained in a click of a mouse, or a touch of your finger. We are brainwashed, spending hours inside under florescent lights, watching the latest reality shows. We sit there, subdued, drooling like entranced animals. Because of this, we do not use our imaginations anymore. We do not run outside, play and make up games. We stay inside, play video games, and eat junk food. We do not read. We watch TV, because it’s much easier and doesn’t require us to think. The great writings of Miguel de Cervantes, George Orwell, Khalil Gibran, Ernest Hemingway, and other great writers lie in a corner, collecting dust. We are in a global malaise that threatens to perpetuate through the future generations. Something must change. We need saving.


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