The internship is coming to a close, as is summer. Yes, it was unpaid but it was rich in its experience. In any case, the Career Center grant definitely helped me out. If it wasn’t for the grant, I wouldn’t have been able to financially support myself in Carlisle this summer.

Looking around the army base, I think about how different it is from the neighborhood that I grew up in. Everything is so structured and well manicured. Everyone is so polite and friendly. It almost seems as if it’s a fake town! But then you realize that everyone here is a part of this organization, whether their fathers or mothers or husbands and wives. You realize that these people have all taken part in the same type of experiences; going on year-long tours and leaving their families behind, going through ranger school, going through the experiencing of not having their father or mother or husband or wife near them for a long period amount of time. This leads me to the conclusion that because of their shared experiences and understandings of these experiences, communities like this serve as a sort of a support network.

Located in Carlisle, in the hub port of transportation to major cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Carlisle, although it may not seem it as first, serves as the perfect place to have the US Army War College. It’s location within the state of Pennsylvania is near the great battle of Gettysburg. This area is rich in in the birth and colonial history of USA. The easy access to major cities allows professionals to venture out to said cities for symposiums or meetings or for professionals to converge at the US Army War College for a dialogue or appointments.
While Carlisle can be difficult to adapt to, it certainly is rich in history and the hub of not only transportation of goods but transportation of ideas as well. Interning at the US Army War College has given me a positive perspective on a facet, the Army, that I thought I would have never gained insight on.


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