This is the last week at my PKSOI internship. The Career Center has served as a tremendous resource for tips on professionalism and answering whatever questions I had. I want to thank the Career Grant for making it possible for me to have been able to participate in this internship this summer. If it weren’t for them, making ends meet would have been very difficult. The grant made it possible for me to not only participate in the internship but to be able to network with professionals, to go to D.C. and interview top individuals in the international development field, to see how a work environment operates. It has helped me in gaining a foothold in the professional world.

One thing I would like to blog about is the importance of mentorship. At PKSOI, each intern is assigned a mentor. These mentors are experts in their field. They are often extremely busy with work and travel around the world, attending conferences and lectures. Many interns at PKSOI had difficulty connecting with their mentor because of their busy schedules. I was lucky to have a great mentor. We would meet everyday at 9:30am. At this meeting, we would discuss the plan for the day. My mentor would look at my work and ensure that I was staying on track. She would also encourage me further my research by contacting professionals in foreign aid. She was always available to meet with. She also read my work and gave me advice on how to improve. Additionally, she took keen interest in developing relationships from beyond the professional office. She even invited us to her house for dinner! This type of mentorship shows that the professional is truly invested in the intern and interested in helping the intern develop. I am very thankful for having such a great mentor. She even provided me further contacts for the future and for potential internship. I hope that in future internships I will have as great as a mentor as she was.


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