This is the last week at my PKSOI internship. The Career Center has served as a tremendous resource for tips on professionalism and answering whatever questions I had. I want to thank the Career Grant for making it possible for me to have been able to participate in this internship this summer. If it weren’t […]

The internship is coming to a close, as is summer. Yes, it was unpaid but it was rich in its experience. In any case, the Career Center grant definitely helped me out. If it wasn’t for the grant, I wouldn’t have been able to financially support myself in Carlisle this summer. Looking around the army […]

At the US Army War college, there are many professionals and international officials. These professionals are all involved in the international arena. Some are civilians but most are military affiliated. Nonetheless, they all have extremely interesting stories about their experiences abroad. What is interesting is how I am able to relate to some of them […]

“Risk can be defined as a probability of both enduring unintended consequences and experiencing its impacts from implemented agendas. Inherent to actions, plans, and programs, players in any domain do their best to avoid risk. In order to do this, they implement cost-benefit analyses which discern how to achieve maximum profit through minimal risk. The […]

The week before July 4th, my fellow interns and I were sent to D.C. to interview experts in international development with hopes that they could bring provide new insights into our research. Due to the sequester, PKSOI can only provide us with day trips to Washington D.C. In other circumstances, we would be accommodated with […]

US Army

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I sit at my desk staring at a picture collage of Somalia. A family crowds around a soldier, who seems to be asking them questions or directing them somewhere. Military personnel gather together to receive orders. Somalis work together to carry bags of rice. To me, this is a false pretense of what truly happened […]

My Generation

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It’s been a few weeks since the internship has started. Most of my preconceived notions of International Development have proven true. It is much more complex than the picture that Peace Corps paints. International development’s advertising agencies appeal to the public through humanitarian channels. Printing and plastering posters of an underfed, impoverished 8 year old […]

During the spring semester, I wondered what I would be doing this coming summer. While perusing the Internships page posted by the Dickinson College Career Center, I stumbled on a internship link titled Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI). Located at the U.S. Army War College,  PKSOI serves the U.S. Military as the main producer […]