What do I do on my days off?

In a city like D.C. it pays to explore, for the things you’ll find will blow your mind and leave you wanting more. Some of those things might be the fresh, steaming, ¬†Jamaican empanadas from Julia’s in Adams Morgan or Bourbon Banana Caramel ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee in the Naval Yard. Recently I was lucky enough to grab a late dinner at Billy Sud in Georgetown. I started with a Pate Maison: a country style pork pate with prunes, pistachios, and cornichons and finished with a luxurious Gnocchi Parisienne: a velvety cream, roasted peas, and mushrooms, it was a true delight. At the end of the meal I was cheesing sooo hard, blissfully recalling a meal that lasted an hour and half but remembered forever. Keep in mind, it’s not like I ever heard of this place before 9pm last night, so this was a wonderfully unexpected surprise in a city full of them. Thank you mom and dad and thank you Washington D.C.

Welcome To D.C.

Hey y’all, it’s Ian here and I’d love to share some thoughts about my first few weeks in the big city so far.

First off, this city has a pulse, something that can seen with eyes and felt with the heart. As soon as you step out out onto the sidewalk, the city comes alive. Whether it be the chatter of people you pass on the way to work, breeze from speeding trains in the metro, or still of the monuments at midnight, D.C. feels alive.

Secondly, the activities omg the activities!  Free Smithsonian museums, Fort Totten, the library of congress, trails that run all the way to Maryland and Virginia, Friday nights at the Kennedy theater, and did I mention FOOD, oh yes lots of that from all over the world (Ethiopia, France, Peru, and Laos).

Part 2 coming on Sunday