What do I do on my days off?

In a city like D.C. it pays to explore, for the things you’ll find will blow your mind and leave you wanting more. Some of those things might be the fresh, steaming, ┬áJamaican empanadas from Julia’s in Adams Morgan or Bourbon Banana Caramel ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee in the Naval Yard. Recently I was lucky enough to grab a late dinner at Billy Sud in Georgetown. I started with a Pate Maison: a country style pork pate with prunes, pistachios, and cornichons and finished with a luxurious Gnocchi Parisienne: a velvety cream, roasted peas, and mushrooms, it was a true delight. At the end of the meal I was cheesing sooo hard, blissfully recalling a meal that lasted an hour and half but remembered forever. Keep in mind, it’s not like I ever heard of this place before 9pm last night, so this was a wonderfully unexpected surprise in a city full of them. Thank you mom and dad and thank you Washington D.C.

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