Working at WSW

Today I went to hearing on the Talylor Force Act and took notes, this is just one of my responsibilities as an intern at WSW. Generally my day consists of coming into the 20 minutes early at 8:40, grab a dirty chai latte, and then head upstairs for a staff meeting. Those meetings generally consist of a roundtable discussion by WSW principles about how the firm is going to proceed with clients, marketing, internal procedure, and SWAT analysis. After the meeting, interns typically check their emails and find out what hearings they are covering on that particular ┬áday. For the next 7 hours each day, interns engage in meaningful work for principle’s and clients of the firm. While we are not paid, I feel that the experience in itself is payment enough. The chance to engage with highly skilled individuals at the top of their profession and learn from them is worth its weight in gold.

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