FUNDED: Energy Efficient Lighting in Mathers Theater

FUNDED: Energy Efficient Lighting in Mathers Theater

IF funded the first project of the year!

By Anna Leistikow
Congratulations to Hillary Rosen ’13 and the Theater Department for their successful research, collaboration, and hard work on “Energy Efficient Lighting in Theatre“. The IF has approved a loan of $2,000 to the Theater Department, and in collaboration with the Facilities Department, to purchase a MAC Aura LED lamp, 75% more energy efficient than the current lamps but with better quality performance. The project will have a payback period of 3.32 years. Facilities has agreed to pay the Idea Fund an extra year in returns for money to fund future IF projects. The business plan is below.
The Board has funded this project because of the evident hard work, passion, extensive research, the quality-  composed written business plan, its thorough forward  thinking and focus on longevity and management, the  balanced approach of quality art and performance linking with  sustainability, Hillary’s initiatives to reach out to students who  aren’t usually involved in Theater, the great presentation and  plan for follow up. This research and collaboration sets the stage  for not only other future student-departmental collaborations  through Idea Fund, but also serves as an excellent model for other  Theater Departments across the United States. The Department will continue working with the Center for Sustainability Education to follow up on this momentous project to set an example for other universities. Congratulations again!
For more information, check out their project page, and go see the lights’ first performance on October 27th!!!
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