Dog House Updates

Dog House Updates

Have you heard the good news?

Two Golden Retriever puppies are coming to Dickinson!

Check them out on YouTube.

Keep an eye out for two adorable golden retrievers (Leo and Loki!) in the first week of September. Idea Fund Fellow (and Dog House Leader) Lauren Holtz ’15 is here on campus this summer, working with Idea Fund, Dickinson, and North Star Foundation to iron out all of the details, as well as create a strategic plan/vision/goals for Dog House. They’ve created an incredible operations guide that outlines how Dog House works, as well as figuring out how the actual house will look and work (keep an eye out for pictures of the renovations, coming soon!). Plus, they’ve been working closely with North Star and Amanda Hanson from the Office of Community Service and Religious Life. 

Haven’t heard of Dog House?

Man, you’ve been missing out. At the end of the Spring 2013 semester, the Offices of Community Service and Campus Life approved a Community Service Initiative-status for the Dog House. An Idea Fund project begun in Fall 2011, Dog House works to bring service dogs from North Star Foundation to campus for socialization and training, before sending off the puppies to children with social/emotional disabilities or serious medical conditions. Spring 2013 brought Dino, the first Dog House dog, to Dickinson for 6 weeks for training. After those six whirlwind weeks — filled with walks, trips to CVS and the Historic Courthouse museum, and making new friends — Dino left for his boy (a 12 year old on the autism spectrum). Although we miss him something awful, we’re really glad to know that Dino’s already making a difference (and the thought of the two new puppies doesn’t hurt either!).

Want to join the Dog House Pack?

Check out their Project page for more information and to get in touch. There’s always room for more dog-lovers! 
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