Team Member Thursday: Lauren Bobyock ’17

Lauren Bobyock

Team Member Thursday: Lauren Bobyock ’17

This week, we spent a few minutes hanging out with the Director of Jam Space, Lauren Bobyock ’17.

What is Jam Space?

Jam Space is a shed next to Goodyear. It’s literally a shed: paint chipped and used. It’s basically a place for students to collaborate on music projects. I don’t want to say it’s for [student] bands, because you don’t have to have a band. It’s just a place to jam out with friends that could turn into a band or just a place to work on music projects. But, it can be as casual or formal as you would like.

How are you involved in Jam Space?

I recently got involved in running Jam Space, but previously I was involved as a member and participated by jamming with some friends occasionally. And, that turned into a one time show that we put together, and I just decided to get more involved in the planning [of Jam Space], making it more established and open to other students on campus.

How did you get involved in Jam Space?

When I came to Dickinson [Fall 2013], there was such a void for contemporary music. There’s definitely a need for classical music, but I felt like we were lacking with contemporary music. So, I found out from my first year advisor that Jam Space was kind of in the works, and it was in my second semester freshman year when I heard more about it. There were people from WDCV who were involved that were able to give me the details. It was almost established when I joined, but it didn’t really stay consistently run.

What’s going on in Jam Space right now?

Not much, and definitely not enough. It’s a really cool space, and there’s a mishmash of instruments, but right now I just trying to get more students access. There’s a drum kit and an amplifier, but that’s kind of the extent of it. Students can feel free to bring their own equipment and just use the space to jam. The space is all soundproof and it’s the perfect size, and it’s such a cool space. It’s literally in a shed and from the outside you would never know it’s a Dickinson place.

To get involved with Jam Space, you can email Lauren directly at


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