Team Member Thursday: Fatema Sachak ’18


Team Member Thursday: Fatema Sachak ’18

This week, we spent a few minutes chatting with Fatema Sachak ’18, a member of the CO/PR Team and project leader.

How are you involved with Idea Fund?

I am on the Community Outreach and PR/Marketing team. We organize the Monday Monthly Meet Ups (MMMs) and the events that Idea Fund puts together. So, marketing them, creating Facebook events, posters, stuff like that.

How did you get involved with Idea Fund?

Last year, my friend Sally, who lived on my floor was really excited about it, and she’s so bubbly and energetic. She really loved it, and I wanted to get involved with something, so I decided to join the Community Outreach team this year.

What are you working on right now?

So, right now, we’re coming up with ideas for ‘Our Community, Their Ideas’ (OCTi) next semester, where someone talks on a topic. Last meeting we were coming up with [topic] ideas, and it could really be any deep idea. And, so hopefully people come and get enlightened by [the talks]. We’re also working on ideas for the next MMM in December, and a friend and I are working on a campus textbook exchange website. It’s currently under some transition, but hopefully we’ll be marketing it this semester or early next semester.


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