Who We Are

Nick Bailey

NickClass Year: 2016
Major: International Business and Management
Position: Director of Communications, CO Liason
I’m a 20 year old Instagram and Liberal Arts junkie with a passion for coffee and sustainable design. I enjoy running, Helvetica, and solving problems.



Emily Bowie

BowieClass Year: 2014
Major: Environmental Science
Position: Executive Director
I hail from the great state of Maine. I’ve been in Idea Fund for most of my college career and when I’m not working on IF stuff I can be found at the College Farm, where I work, or at Gaia Cafe in town. I aspire to be a banjo player.


Gibson Holland

gibsonClass Year: 2016
Major: History & French
Position: Independent Board Member
This is my first semester on the board and I am very excited to seek out and explore new ideas on campus. In my spare time I love reading, woodworking, building legos, swimming, and hiking.


Zach Kaiser

Class Year: 2014
Major: Environmental and International Studies
Position: Executive Director

Sports, especially Soccer, are a huge part of my life. I love to get my hands dirty in new projects but also enjoy kicking back and relaxing. This could mean watching a movie or simply laying out in the sun with a drink in my hand.


Nicky Schwab

schwab Class Year: 2014
Major: Biology
Position: PR & Marketing Director
I’m a senior from upstate New York. I enjoy playing soccer and word games, cooking/eating, exchanging Harry Potter conspiracy theories, and everything to do with the Idea Fund!


Rebecca Shenton

60496_381976335218129_167697210_nClass Year: 2015
Major: Political Science
Position: Project Consulting Director
I’m part of Idea Fund because I want to make change on campus as well as empower other students to do the same.



Alexander Torelli

torelliClass Year: 2015
Major: International Business and Management
Position: Finance Director
My name is Alex Torelli and I am a 21 year old caucasian male. I believe in creativity and innovation. Fight for the cause. Hope for the cure. Peace.




Madison Beehler

Madison BeehlerClass Year: 2015
Major: Environmental Science
Position: Abroad in Costa Rica!
I am an enthusiast. Here are some words I regularly used in conversation: coffee, hockey, art, farming, community, happiness, cows, family, sunshine, dirt, Philadelphia, sneakers, ice cream, sweaters, love and trees.


Anna Leistikow

annaClass Year: 2015
Major: International Studies and German
Position: Abroad in Germany!
I’m a sophomore from New Jersey who loves laughing, triathlons, music, family, and friends! What do I love about Idea Fund? Mostly all of the amazing people from all ages, disciplines, and departments brought together to foster a better community.


Eller Mallchok

ellerClass Year: 2015
Major: Biology
Position: Abroad in East Africa!
I hail from the beautiful hills of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I enjoy hiking and cooking a delicious southern meal for friends. The Idea Fund is perfect; I love being with people and connecting them to the resources to help make their ideas a reality.

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