Big Green Bus

Proposed by: Steven Finley ’15
Mission Statement: To promote the use of alternative fuels and sustainable ways of living by engaging students and communities around the country in a unique and fun way.
Details: The idea of the Big Green Bus is to acquire an old or “broken-in” bus and convert it to run on waste vegetable oil biodiesel fuel. The purpose of this would be to gather a group of environmentally-minded students to spend a summer on the bus traveling the country, educating communities on alternative fuel sources and sustainability practices, by using the bus as a prime example. The bus would ideally stop at major cities, environmental fairs or conventions, summer camps, etc., delivering effective and informative presentations encouraging sustainability on a local level, as well as raising awareness about current global energy issues.
Status: Currently, a team is assembled and working on obtaining a smaller vehicle to convert for use as the “Safety Shuttle” on campus. This will demonstrate the plausibility of the overall project and replace the safety shuttle with a more sustainable option. They are also researching the best options for a fuel source which involves contacting local businesses in search of oil sources and how much it would cost. They are also looking in to whether diesel run in this fashion is more feasible and “greener” than electric run.

- updated June 2013

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