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Student Art Fair: A Sneak Peek!

In partnership with the Dickinson Arts Collective, we have been putting together an Art Fair to showcase student creativity. All of these students exhibit creativity and innovation through their work and we believe that it is important to share that. …

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Dessert Recap

The 6th Annual Idea Fund Formal Dessert

On Wednesday, September 21, we hosted our sixth annual formal dessert. We hold this event every fall semester as a means of bringing together the Dickinson community to discuss the progress of the …

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A New Year: What IF?

Coming into this new semester, the Idea Fund has many goals and objectives in mind. The weekend prior to the first week of classes, the Executive Board had a retreat to identify our goals and ideal future direction. Our five …

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Third Annual KickStart Dickinson

14089103_1173060022752352_7605467052737689172_nTwelve students from around the country and around the world came together to start their time at Dickinson with the Idea Fund. KickStart Dickinson 2016 was the third annual Pre-Orientation program that we’ve hosted, and it was structured similarly to …

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Jam Space

Jam Space: FUNDED

This week the Dickinson College Idea Fund is pleased to announce funding for a new partner project. Jam Space, which is maintained by Lauren Bobyock ’17 and Max Lee ’19, is a venue in which students will be able to …

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Innovation Competition Underway

The 2016 Innovation Competition at Dickinson College is getting underway, and the registration for teams closed at 5pm on Friday, 5 Jan. As of Friday afternoon, there are 19 registered teams and seventy participants. The competition is meant to uphold …

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Team Member Thursday: Fatema Sachak ’18

This week, we spent a few minutes chatting with Fatema Sachak ’18, a member of the CO/PR Team and project leader.

How are you involved with Idea Fund?

I am on the Community Outreach and PR/Marketing team. We organize the …

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Lauren Bobyock

Team Member Thursday: Lauren Bobyock ’17

This week, we spent a few minutes hanging out with the Director of Jam Space, Lauren Bobyock ’17.

What is Jam Space?

Jam Space is a shed next to Goodyear. It’s literally a shed: paint chipped and used. It’s basically

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Brady Hummel

Team Member Thursday: Brady Hummel ’17

This week, we sat down to chat with Brady Hummel ’17 about his experience working as the Development Director for The Idea Fund and what he’s working on right now.

As the Development Director, what do you do?

I’m in

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EllenHeitsch TeamMember

Team Member Thursday: Ellen Hietsch ’17

This week, we sat down to chat with Ellen Hietsch ’17 about her experience working for The Peddler and her strangest encounters working as a barista.

As a barista, what do you do from day to day?

Mostly french pressing …

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