Art Fair Extravaganza 2018

-Arts Collective’s T-Shirts

-Rachel Prince’s Sticker Design

We have yet again partnered with Arts Collective for our annual Art Fair featuring artistic creations from 21 of your fellow Dickinsonians. This year’s compilation of art will be better than ever and

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Preview on OCTi: EverybodY iS wronG!


This Thursday, March 29th, is this year’s annual OCTi, Our Community Their Ideas, event, and we invite you to join us for four “wrong” presentations. This year we have asked two Dickinson students, one professor, and one Carlisle community …

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Student Art Fair: A Sneak Peek!

In partnership with the Dickinson Arts Collective, we have been putting together an Art Fair to showcase student creativity. All of these students exhibit creativity and innovation through their work and we believe that it is important to share that. …

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Dessert Recap

The 6th Annual Idea Fund Formal Dessert

On Wednesday, September 21, we hosted our sixth annual formal dessert. We hold this event every fall semester as a means of bringing together the Dickinson community to discuss the progress of the …

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A New Direction: The Monday Monthly Meet-up (MMM)

By Brady Hummel ‘17
Another semester has arrived, one that brings new, fresh, and exciting ideas for the Idea Fund.  One of these is the new Monday Monthly Meet-Up (MMM) structure that has replaced the existing General Meeting structure in
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The Innovation Competition @ Dickinson

By Alex Torelli ’15
The Idea Fund is excited to announce its latest partnership with the Innovation Competition at Dickinson. Like us, the competition is a student-led initiative to provide an entrepreneurial outlet for students to engage in pressing,
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Upcoming Talk: Michael Dershem


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Coming Up: Candie Wilderman


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Elaine Livas | The Meaning of Passion


By Julia Dolinger ‘16
It is easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds of school, work, and stress and forget about the less fortunate in our community, but there is a lot that we can do to help
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Khushaal Talreja | Empowerment Through Innovation

By Julia Dolinger
Last week, Idea Fund welcomed Khushaal Talreja to its general meeting to discuss his role in Enactus, an organization that has a similar mission to Idea Fund itself. Khushaal visited Dickinson from H.R. College of Commerce and
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