Project Storytime and Composed

By Anna Leistikow

Have you been on the Dickinson website lately? Maybe you’ve noticed.

We’re on the front page!

More specifically, two of our projects — Project Storytime and Composed— are. We’re pretty proud of the work Project Leaders
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Jam Space: An Interview with Graham Stevenson

By Sara Giardini
After having taken time off from school to tour California and record an album, senior Graham Stevenson understands the importance of having a place to play music. For everyone at Dickinson who has felt a lack of
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Project Update: Dog House

By Lauren Jeschke ‘14


While the Dickinson College Dog House brings to mind images of snuggly little golden fur-balls napping, frolicking, and melting hearts everywhere they go, there is much more to Dog House than meets the
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S.H.O.P. Your Way Through an Idea

By Julia Dolinger
“Nothing is out of reach,” says Justin McCarty ’15 of the creative possibilities within SHOP, “no matter the idea.” SHOP (Student Handiwork for Organized Projects) is a project dedicated to building an entrepreneurial spirit within the Dickinson
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Dog House Updates

Have you heard the good news?

Two Golden Retriever puppies are coming to Dickinson!

Check them out on YouTube.

Keep an eye out for two adorable golden retrievers (Leo and Loki!) in the first week of September.
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Green Bikes Make Getting Around, Well….Greener

Green BikesBy Steven Finlay
This semester The Handlebar, Dickinson’s bicycle co-op, continues to impress us with the launch of their Green Bikes Program. The idea behind the program is to rent a bicycle (an efficient and environmentally-friendly mode of
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IF Alumni Fundraise with the Peddler for Startup

By Emily Bowie
Two Dickinson ‘12 Alums — and former Idea Fund Executive Board members — Daniel Grover and Scott Hoffman are renting out the Peddler next Wednesday, October 31 from 8:00-10:30am on Britton Plaza to raise funds for their
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FUNDED: Energy Efficient Lighting in Mathers Theater

IF funded the first project of the year!

By Anna Leistikow
Congratulations to Hillary Rosen ’13 and the Theater Department for their successful research, collaboration, and hard work on “Energy Efficient Lighting in Theatre“. The IF has approved
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Summer 2012 Newsletter

By Emily Bowie
So summer comes to a close! Much faster than we anticipated. As we head out for our brief vacations before school starts we decided to write up a newsletter of what we accomplished and learned this summer!
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Greywater Update

By Emily Bowie
MB Logan ’15 and Tim O’Reilly ’15 have been hard at work the last few weeks getting the logistics of the Greywater Project set with various Professors, students, and others involved with the biogas system. Tim has
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