Proposed by:
Sung Woo Kim '13
Services Received:
Project Consulting
Dept. of Art and Art History

We taught students how to present their work in public and showcase student artwork.


Sung Woo Kim ’13 was a force of nature in the spring 2013 semester, creating both an art installment workshop and also an art show, with help of the Idea Fund Project Consulting and PR & Marketing teams. In March, Kim and Professor Cervino hosted a successful “how to” workshop in the Idea Fund office, demonstrating how to hang drawings, paintings and objects from the walls and ceilings, as well as address important considerations like lighting and space in creating an exhibition. In May, the “Coming Together” art show presented student art and music: paintings, drawings, poems and 3D works from 13 Dickinsonians, in addition to three music groups.