The Peddler

Idea: a bike-powered coffee cart that serves the highest quality coffee and maintains the highest standards of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and social justice.
IF support received: $2,000 loan to build the Peddler, and ongoing smaller loans to maintain operation.


Cart 1Proposed by: Matt Guariglia ’12 and Scott Hoffman ’12

Partners: Bruns Bros processing equipment

Mission: The Peddler aims to supply to the Dickinson community with delicious, responsibly sourced coffee of the highest quality and standard of sustainability. By doing so, we seek to educate our community about food and social justice issues, while also advocating sustainability by engaging in waste free practices. As a student-powered business, we are dedicated to teaching students about sustainable business practices and social responsibility by engaging them in the running of our business. We are committed to being an agent of innovation and sustainability in the Dickinson community, and we hope to accomplish this, one mug at a time.

History: Matt and Scott felt that Dickinson did not offer much in the way of quality coffee, and after some inspiration from a UTAMIS presentation, they opted to create an oasis in the coffee desert. They partnered up with Megan Moody and Lauren Bruns, and brought their design up to Maine to Lauren’s fathers steel working company and spent the week building a cart, welding it to a bike, and making what is now known as the Peddler. At this time the Peddler served coffee from Burlap and Bean. After a year and a half of operation, the Peddler witnessed a revival and rethinking from new General Manager Nick Bailey ’16 in the fall of 2013. He opted to begin brewing on the cart, via French Press, and to begin sourcing coffee beans from Little Amps Coffee Roasters, out of Harrisburg.

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