It is hard to believe that my eight weeks at Shelburne Farms have come to a close. I really felt like it flew by. I became a part of the Shelburne Farms family and for that I am thankful. It was such an amazing opportunity to work with such inspiring and positive people. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my summer.

I had the ability to dive into anything that I was interested at the farm. I was welcomed with open arms and learned so much. This was such an amazing experience. I grew as a person and also found a new passion of mine. I love to farm. I always found farming intriguing but I did not realize how much bliss and happiness it brought to me. I really loved the time that I spent at the market garden. Sustainable agriculture is an ever-evolving field and I was just able to experience part of that over the summer.

Teaching with the environmental educators was great as well! I was able to see how they utilize Shelburne Farms and truly engage kids in understanding the importance of the different aspects of wildlife and nature found on the farm. A leading question throughout most of the camps was, “what nourishes you?” I definitely found what nourishes me throughout this wonderful internship. I learned that spending lots of time outdoors not only nourishes me but teaches me. I also realized that nature as a whole nourishes each and every one of us. Many people rush through their lives and don’t truly take a moment to think about what makes them happy. If anything I learned that whatever I go on to do with my life I want to feel nourished. I want to do what makes me happy.

Thank you to everyone at Shelburne Farms (educators, cheese makers, and market garden farmers). It was such a treat and pleasure to work with you all. I will be back, this is not goodbye. It is a see you later. I hope that you all have enjoyed my blog posts and learning about what I have been doing this summer! I’ll leave you with some pictures from my last week at camp.


Live, laugh love


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