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Summer was winding down, my internship was wrapping up and my year-long study abroad was approaching all at the same time and it was pretty overwhelming for me. I’m not new to different stresses happening simultaneously but as I get older, these stresses carry more weight and more significance. One of my skillset goals this … Continue reading last post.


My hours are scattered throughout the day and sometimes I’m in the office and sometimes I’m not, and sometimes I work with the other college/Kids N’ Culture alum, Rachel and sometimes I don’t. I’ve found that depending on the project or task, there is a clear correlation between my environment and my effectiveness. Rachel and … Continue reading mid-way.


The last couple of weeks have been organizing, emailing, 1v1 meetings, and leadership meetings. It doesn’t feel hectic though. I’m finally using and paying attention to my Google Calendar and my mentor keeps in contact through an app called Trello. I am emailing different city educators and public schools to make contact for prospective students … Continue reading meetings.

peace and appreciation

Kids N’ Culture is a non-profit working hard to give inner-city students the opportunity to go abroad. These are personally selected students that possess the desire to expand their cultural comfort zones and the curiosity to learn the realities of another country. I was fortunate enough to have been one of these students in my … Continue reading peace and appreciation