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Dubious Advice

I am deflated. I’m writing this from my bedroom in Virginia, where I’m fighting whatever jet lag did to dislodge my circadian rhythm and the last wheezes of a summer cold. And the inability to condense my experiences into words. And…ennui? I’ve officially closed out my summer with Paideia, along with the projects I built […]

Stairs In The Bathroom

A few weeks ago, I left an after-work lecture with Living Latin–a talk on second language acquisition that reminded me of several nerdy linguist friends–and waited for other interns by the restroom entrance. Only what I found there (to my American eyes, anyway) was not a typical doorway. The picture shows it clearly: a set […]

Two Weeks (as told by my handbag)

I have experienced so many beautiful things so far in Rome that I am terrified of being spoiled by them: centuries-old churches; art pieces previously seen only in my Latin textbooks and on classically-themed Wikipedia pages; paintings of saints on street corners. I can still hardly believe that my daily walk to work takes me […]

Late Beginnings From an Airport Bench

I had plans! They were good plans, too. Well-written, well thought out, outlined in one-hundred-fifty-words-or-less for a proposal: plans for a blog to document the entirety of my joint summer internship/abroad experience. I would start writing before I even left home, reflect on my goals, take those pictures of luggage that would create the impression […]