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The End of My Internship!

In the final weeks of my internship, I have been able to insert epithelial cells from the stomach into the organ chip. It was really exciting to be able to see how the stomach cells grow and attach differently in comparison to the neural cells. I’ve been able to learn so much this summer! One […]

Internship Update and Advice

I can’t believe I’m more than halfway finished with my Summer Internship! So far, I’ve had so many positive and productive experiences in the lab and have been able to learn so much. In the past few weeks, I’ve continued to remove the nodose ganglia from different strains of mice, and have been working on […]

Learning in the Enteric Neurobiology Laboratory

The past two weeks of my internship have been really exciting. One of the things that I’ve been working on is removing the nodose ganglion from different strains of mice. This is located behind the vagus nerve, just on top of the skull. Learning to remove it was challenging as it is very small and […]

My First Two Weeks

My name is Ali Leiter and this summer I am working as an undergraduate researcher in the enteric neurobiology department in the gastroenterology unit at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This has been made possible by Dickinson’s Internship grant. I will be working on various projects, however my primary interest is creating a chip composed […]