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Final Internship Post!

The last days of my internship at Seaside Sustainability were a rush of goodbyes as other interns started leaving. It was interesting to think back to my first week there and realize how many friendships and professional relationships I had created during over the course of the summer. As people began leaving we worked hard …

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More Updates

Although the end of the summer is fast approaching, I continue to learn new marine science practices typically performed at Seaside. Our boats are still broken, however we have been able to partner with nearby organizations who can take us out on their own boats so we can continue our projects. This has been a …

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Welcome to Seaside!

My internship is located at Seaside Sustainability’s intern office in Gloucester, MA, a small beach town on the north shore of Massachusetts. At the intern office there are about 15-20 Seaside interns who work each day, split up into groups based on intern-type and project. Although Seaside is an environmental non-profit, the interns that work …

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