Dubious Advice

I am deflated. I’m writing this from my bedroom in Virginia, where I’m fighting whatever jet lag did to dislodge my circadian rhythm and the last wheezes of a summer cold. And the inability to condense my experiences into words. And…ennui? I’ve officially closed out my summer with Paideia, along with the projects I built […]

More Updates

Although the end of the summer is fast approaching, I continue to learn new marine science practices typically performed at Seaside. Our boats are still broken, however we have been able to partner with nearby organizations who can take us out on their own boats so we can continue our projects. This has been a …

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How to find an internship

It’s been a while since I last posted so I decided to come back and write a little bit about my search process for finding an internship. To be honest, it is a really frustrating and long process. I applied to 30 jobs last summer and only heard back from one, and it was a […]

Versatility is Key

Working in all types of environments, it is very useful to be versatile in your skillset. However, this task is increasingly important when working in an office involving emergency services. Thinking back to my internship search versatility and open-mindedness is what brought me to this internship. I was searching for a law internship however law …

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Advice for future interns

Thanks to the Dickinson grant I have been able to take advantage of key intern experiences like grabbing lunch with coworkers, attending policy briefings and networking after work hours. I would advise future interns to make use of the resources your school has to offer, as many schools allocate money for internship support. As far […]


 ~ENGLISH~  Yesterday, Friday 26th July, was the last day of my internship at L Catterton. This was a great learning experience, and spending two months in Milan has been wonderful. I have learnt about the Private Equity Industry and have been able to help with completing market research and deep dives into specific businesses, as well …

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My Internship Capstone

Throughout my two months at Sas & Ing I was able to work closely with an Albanian client who is tried to sponsor his wife to come to Canada. Although they are married, and have been for nearly 5 years, they are rarely in the same country. While the wife lives in Albania and cares […]

How to Secure an Internship

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at an AirBnB in Louisville with some of my co workers. We are here to film an All-Access show on Louisville Football for the ACC Network. Obviously, this a huge opportunity. I’ll receive a media credit for the show as well, which will look great on my resume as […]