Halfway There

Coincidentally, the halfway mark of my internship at a Canadian Immigration Law Centre fell on July 1st – Canada Day. It marked Canada’s 151st birthday as a nation, even though most Canadians recognize that people lived on this land long before the concept of Canada was even conceived. Even citizens of European descent are descendants […]

Wrapping it Up

The last two weeks at my internship site I have been curriculum planning with Mrs.Page for her classes next year.  These last two weeks have been the most informative for me as I have never done curriculum planning or seen it done before by any teachers.  I was able to learn about the Connecticutt system […]

A Day in the Life

The past two weeks have been the last two weeks of school, so activities in the classroom have been full of energy as the students get ready to go on summer break.  Mrs.Page took the majority of the eighth-grade class to Washington D.C. for a week, so I stayed back and was able to cover […]

Calendar Talk, Soap Operas, and More

The past two weeks I was able to work more directly with the students in the Spanish classes and Mrs.Page even let me lead calendar talk and participate in activities of the day with the students.  During calendar talk I was able to use my Spanish to try and communicate with the students, asking them […]

Last Days

My time at the beautiful IACC has sadly come to an end!  After the busy months of May and June, where I spent much of my time planning and working big events, July has been filled with smaller and shorter projects such as helping with the re-design of the organization’s website. I feel incredibly grateful …

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Internship Update and Advice

I can’t believe I’m more than halfway finished with my Summer Internship! So far, I’ve had so many positive and productive experiences in the lab and have been able to learn so much. In the past few weeks, I’ve continued to remove the nodose ganglia from different strains of mice, and have been working on […]

Hasta pronto, Madrid

My internship has taken a drastic turn. For the past two weeks, I have been working on a number of tasks, but focusing mostly on a short research paper and conference proposal, based on a Dahlia field scoping mission in Ecuador and Colombia on Venezuelan refugees’ communication and information needs, as well as coordination mechanisms …

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