Israel-Palestine Conflict: Is There a Resolution in Sight?

If I am being completely honest, based on what I have learned about Israel-Palestine relations I think that it is somewhat unrealistic for us to believe that there are any prospects for a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the conflict. The truth of the matter is that the relationship between the two is so deeply rooted and holds so much conflict within that I believe it would take somethingĀ bigĀ to even come close to a resolution. What would truly be important is for both sides to be willing to find a way that would resolve this long-standing rivalry, which I believe is pretty unlikely. In order for this to happen, both Israel and Palestine would have to be willing to put a long history of conflict behind them, which is not necessarily an easy thing to do.

When we had first started to talk about Israel-Palestine relations, I found myself being overly optimistic as I thought it was much simpler to come to a resolution than it really is. As we dove further and further into their very complicated past and the many factors that play into it, I developed what we discussed as being the realist approach to the situation.

When we discussed possible resolutions in class, Kristin and I discussed that we do not believe that this relationship will get anywhere without a big act of violence that would really shake things up and force agreement upon them. I feel that this way of thinking is plausible for any relationship that is so deeply driven by conflict and disagreement.

Having said that, I, along with many of my classmates (I would hope) in no way wish violence and terrorism upon the Israeli and Palestinian people. That being said, I do still believe that having been at a sort of standstill for so long, it would be improbable for any change to erupt without a big event forcing it upon the two.

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  1. I agree with what you said about their needing to be a significant act of violent to jump start peace talks between the two nations. It is unfortunate but currently neither of the actors has any incentive to break the status quo because the loses on their side are not great enough to prompt action. The only other foreseeable solution I see is for international institutions to intervene but because the U.S. is Israel’s ally they seem unlikely to make this happen.

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