Final Countdown

So today is the first day of my last week here at Marie Claire Magazine. It’s super bittersweet, I am so thrilled that I have had such a great experience I am not ready for summer to end! I am however so fortunate to have had such a fantastic and eye opening experience and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. This week is a busy one with wrapping up work and also moving out of the city. It’s been the quickest summer to date but I am looking forward to the fall and my final (sad) year at Dickinson. It’s easy to do lots of reminiscing and reflecting at times like this. I find myself thinking about how much I’ve grown at Dickinson and how I have ended up where I am right now. I have loved every minute of this summer, which was only possible with the help of Dickinson’s career center, Amity Fox and the internship that I was rewarded. This has been the greatest 9 weeks and I have truly found what I am passionate about and what I plan to pursue in the next 8 months leading up to graduation. I feel confident and prepared in the work place and find myself often using skill sets that Dickinson has given me. Each Wednesday the interns have a lunch with a different office executive- a chance for us to personally meet and talk with leaders of the magazine and industry about their careers and ourselves. Tomorrow, we get to meet with our “top dog”, Nancy Cardone our publisher. From what we’ve already learned, she’s had one of the most amazing and inspiring careers and has found a home here at Marie Claire and revolutionized the magazine into what it is today. I am so excited (and a tiny bit nervous) to meet with her but every meeting has been fantastic and I leave with pages of personal notes and advice. I am sure that I will just have to write another post after our lunch tomorrow, but all together this has been a summer of many experiences, ones that I plan to continue to grow from and hopefully return to next summer!

Marie Claire #EmpoweredInterns

So a weeks ago I posted about a photoshoot that I was a part of as part of a recent partnership with Marie Claire’s new client, Microsoft. In the new partnership, Microsoft has been eager to work with real college age driven young women to use and experiment with their most recent product – the Surface Pro 3, a unique and versatile tablet equipped with all the office necessities.

A few weeks ago all the Marie Claire interns were part of a photoshoot that over the last few weeks has been compiled in anticipation of the its online media release – TODAY! So this morning an online gallery of the Marie Claire interns was released with our professional photos along with a brief summary of ourselves- featuring our college so this means (yes you guessed it!) Dickinson College is now featured on the Marie Claire website as well! It’s pretty surreal to be a part of an actual ad campaign released online for my magazine! That’s been the highlight of my week and it’s only just begun.

Check out my fellow interns and myself on the Marie Claire website here:

In other news, this is my second to last week at Marie Claire. I am amazed at how quickly it has gone by and by how much I have been lucky enough to absorb and learn this summer. With the release of the August issue and the closing of the upcoming fall issues, the office has certainly been bustling. We’ve had increasingly more busy days that consist of errands and tasks all over the city to deliver issues and products to clients. It’s been exciting to watch the magazine produce issues from start to finish here – something that takes so much effort and hard work and stress but ends up being so rewarding when a beautiful magazine is in front of you at the end of each month.

Time Flies

I cannot believe how many weeks we have left of the summer and for many of us the end of July means the nearing end of our summer internships. It’s crazy to think how quickly it has flown by. Working during the week as opposed to attending class is very different and time passes (at least for me) particularly quickly. The last few weeks have been fun and time consuming. The magazine is working on closing it’s September issues which means the office is in a constant whirl of phone calls and client meetings.

This past Wednesday, we were able to go meet with the Hearst Production department – by far one of my favorite meetings I’ve been able to sit in on. I was able to see where all of the Hearst magazines send their ads, editorial pages and “the book” or the pre bound version of each monthly issue, to get edited, approved, uploaded and published. Hearst Production is in charge of virtually all digital aspects to finishing each magazine and then printing it within the building as well. Hearst Production puts out 40 million magazine each month. It was crazy to see an entirely different component to the magazine industry – a component that is often not really considered but is incredibly vital. It was honestly fascinating. I got to see the digital editing lab/studio where ads are edited before printed. I got to see the database in which the digital teams put each issue in order according to each clientele criteria. Honestly, I think it is one of the more interesting facets of magazine production that I’ve witnessed. Hearst takes pride in its multi-functional building in which photo shoots, editorial, sales, advertising, marketing and printing all can occur. Within the building, employees can also access the gym, a health center, mail center and cafe, The goal of the building is to be as efficient and highly functional as possible to make an already stressful and time sensitive job easier if possible. It’s so interesting and I feel like I am constantly learning so much about how this industry functions and specifically how Hearst achieves success in all departments!

Interns or Models?

posing for photographer Joel Barhamand in Cafe 57 of the Hearst Tower
posing for photographer Joel Barhamand in Cafe 57 of the Hearst Tower

Today was so special! Marie Claire and their client Microsoft have been working together to promote the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. In efforts to advertise the tablet, the interns have each been given one and we’ve been selected to be part of the online advertisement.

SOOO today the interns here at Marie Claire were sent to makeup, hair and styling this morning to be shot in the Hearst Tower holding our Microsoft tablets. It’s such a cool project to be a part of because we are actually taking part in an ad campaign online! I cannot wait to be featured along my questionnaire about myself!

After my first few weeks here, it is clear how important the digital side of publishing can be especially to continue to promote the brand name through all venues. It’s exciting to also represent Marie Claire and Microsoft AND Dickinson all at once as an intern! I feel so lucky to be a part of the intern team, its also so exciting to witness the prep for photo shoots – a very real part of advertising and promoting!

Tear Sheets and Edit Credit Books!

My second week at Marie Claire consisted of building upon the skills we learned the first week but with greater hands on responsibility. I’ve continued to love and learn more about my coworkers, supervisors and fellow interns. The office is exciting and busy.

I’ve really enjoyed working further with projects called Edit Credit books, where we document all the brand mentions throughout each issue of the magazine. In preparation for a meeting with a client, we prepare an edit credit book that demonstrates all the various times we’ve mentioned their brand – apart from the pages of advertising they’ve previously bought. These mentions are a way for Marie Claire to show its partnership and “free” commitment to its loyal clientele. While entering brands, page numbers and styles into excel might seem a bit mundane, I find it interesting to look at the actual marketing statistics of the advertising components of the magazine.

Along with tasks such as creating  and binding edit credit books, we are also allowed to sit in on the weekly strategy or “Strat” meetings that take place on either Tuesday or Thursday every week. I mentioned this meeting in my previous post, but I’ve now been lucky enough to sit in on three and it’s by far my favorite part of the week.

This meeting includes marketing, digital and sales components and editorial updates pertaining to the upcoming issues. It’s interesting to me because I am able to witness all the functioning facets of the magazine and media industry and how much is accomplished on a week by week basis. Last Wednesday we were fortunate enough to sit down with Lindsey Officer, Dickinson Alum Class of 2009, who is Marie Claire’s Senior Brand Development Manager. It was inspiring to converse with Lindsey and learn more about her journey to Marie Claire and her esteemed position today. Marie Claire has planned various meetings for the interns on Wednesday’s, the day we all work, for us to meet and have lunch with women in various departments.

I was so excited to meet with Lindsey! It’s so special to have a Dickinson connection here and it really feels like a small part of home which is fun and also such an inspiration because she has become such a success here at Marie Claire and I really do emulate her and her career path after Dickinson.

Today was my first day of my third week! I was able to go on my first “sales call” with a sales assistant who works with foods, technology and some sports branding. We were able to go with her to meet with a perspective client down in Wall Street! It was awesome to really sit in on my first sales call and see how negotiations and meets with possible clients and advertisers really occurs. The more I am here the more I desire a future here at Hearst, specifically at Marie Claire. It really is an all encompassing brand that represents not only fashion and beauty but also all components of a females life including profession, intellect, health and power. It’s really awesome to spending my summer in such a great way and I find myself learning and engaging in new projects every day!

Proud to be a #DsonIntern

First week: check!

View from the top floor of the Hearst Tower, to the left is Central Park! This floor holds major events for the company.
View from the top floor of the Hearst Tower, to the left is Central Park! This floor holds major events for the company.


So a week ago I wrote my first blog post to sort of introduce myself and my summer in New York City. I had decided to write that first blog post before I actually had my first day of work because I figured it would be interesting to look back on throughout the summer and my series of posts!

So last Tuesday was my first day of work at Marie Claire Magazine in the Hearst Tower. If you don’t know much about Hearst Corporations, it is a well known and wildly successful media and publishing companies with over 21 U.S. Magazine titles to its name such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Car and Driver, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Town and Country, “O” Oprah Magazine, Popular Mechanics, the Food Network, Woman’s Day, HGTV, RedBook, Elle, Dr. Oz the Good Life, Harpers Bazaar to name just a few. 

In general the Hearst Tower is a magnificently crafted and infamous building located at the lower west corner of Central Park – a beautiful and bustling area of Manhattan. The building is roughly 46 stories and houses the headquarters in publishing and editorial of most all 21 magazines. I am one of 5 interns for Marie Claire’s publishing department, meaning that I work in marketing, advertising, promotion and sales.

Being that there are 5 interns including myself, we each only work 3 consecutive days a week in order to assure that we are busy and working while in the office. I work from 9am-5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. That gives me long 4 day weekends, so I actually was lucky enough to find a part time job working in retail for a high end designer brand called VINCE. It works out perfectly, especially since my internship at Marie Claire is unpaid and I now am receiving twice the work experience while in New York and really meeting new people and exploring a variety of neighborhood on the island.

Last week at Marie Claire was very fun and exciting, full of many firsts! I was fortunate enough to receive the three working days in the middle of the week which no other intern has, which actually allows me to sit in on a variety of interesting meetings that occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other interns will experience either, or, however I am able to be present on both days.

The first day I was able to attend a huge company wide presentation, where each Hearst Magazine presented what advertisement campaigns and clients were the greatest success in the last business year. It was not only impressive to see the high end clientele currently featured and working with Hearst, but also absolutely inspiring to see young men and women in the field present their proudest business moments – and everyone at Hearst regardless of their magazine affiliation was proud of one another. During my first week I learned the basics of the projects and tasks that I will be assigned to primarily throughout the summer. Tasks such as excel documents that record how many times we mention and advertise a certain client and booklets and projects that will be useful in other marketing meetings. Besides that, there are other sales and promotional projects that we will be working on over the next 9 weeks.

Over all the first week was the right amount of busy and exciting. It wasn’t too killer or overwhelming, while still being busy, fast paced and thrilling. The girls in my office are unbelievable and I am excited to continue to work for them and really get to know them and what they do! I feel so fortunate to be in the position that I am in and feel lucky everyday to have a school like Dickinson that has provided me with so many open doors, opportunities and especially the Internship Grant program which has been a primary factor in my plans for this summer! Excited to work tomorrow and can’t wait to share more with the Dickinson Community!

Tomorrow is the big day!

So here is my first blog post while working in Manhattan this summer 2015! I moved into my NYU apartment last weekend with my family and have spent the last week organizing, unpacking and preparing for the first day of my internship tomorrow for Marie Claire Magazine of Hearst Corporations.

I applied and interviewed for this internship this past January and was absolutely stunned to hear that I was a final candidate in March. I have been selected as one of six interns in the Marketing and Advertising department of Marie Claire Magazine – a highly renowned women’s fashion magazine. I could not feel more anxious and excited about starting tomorrow and thus, I have decided an appropriate time to blog my thoughts before I truly begin and really set some goals and standards for myself for the summer.

First of all, I could not have gotten here without the help of the Dickinson Career Center, Amity Fox and Internship Grant I received  to make this summer possible for me. I have always felt that Dickinson supports my individual desires and aspirations, whether it be in the classroom, abroad in Italy or right now living in Manhattan. I truly feel unbelievably blessed to have an institution that provides its students with as many open doors as possible. It is not easy and it is not given to you, it is clearly a privilege that the students must earn but it is certainly well worth it.

While in Manhattan, I plan to really embrace all that the city has to offer. My apartment is located in the heart of Union Square which allows me access to some of the greatest and most trendy areas of the city. I am actually incredibly excited to start work. I feel that I am ready to put my academic and personal experiences to work in an office setting – doing a job I believe I will really thrive in. An internship in fashion and media has always been a long term dream of mine, but never felt quite realistic. But this summer has presented itself to me at a perfect time, a time when I am truly ready to embrace a working life style.

Well, I just wanted to get some thoughts down before I start tomorrow- this will be my sort of pre work post and I am anxious to read it at the end of the summer to truly see how far I have come!