Final Countdown

So today is the first day of my last week here at Marie Claire Magazine. It’s super bittersweet, I am so thrilled that I have had such a great experience I am not ready for summer to end! I am however so fortunate to have had such a fantastic and eye opening experience and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. This week is a busy one with wrapping up work and also moving out of the city. It’s been the quickest summer to date but I am looking forward to the fall and my final (sad) year at Dickinson. It’s easy to do lots of reminiscing and reflecting at times like this. I find myself thinking about how much I’ve grown at Dickinson and how I have ended up where I am right now. I have loved every minute of this summer, which was only possible with the help of Dickinson’s career center, Amity Fox and the internship that I was rewarded. This has been the greatest 9 weeks and I have truly found what I am passionate about and what I plan to pursue in the next 8 months leading up to graduation. I feel confident and prepared in the work place and find myself often using skill sets that Dickinson has given me. Each Wednesday the interns have a lunch with a different office executive- a chance for us to personally meet and talk with leaders of the magazine and industry about their careers and ourselves. Tomorrow, we get to meet with our “top dog”, Nancy Cardone our publisher. From what we’ve already learned, she’s had one of the most amazing and inspiring careers and has found a home here at Marie Claire and revolutionized the magazine into what it is today. I am so excited (and a tiny bit nervous) to meet with her but every meeting has been fantastic and I leave with pages of personal notes and advice. I am sure that I will just have to write another post after our lunch tomorrow, but all together this has been a summer of many experiences, ones that I plan to continue to grow from and hopefully return to next summer!

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