Colonial Misconceptions

There were two main points that I found interesting within tomorrow’s reading. The first was the idea that the Italians thought that they had the best solution to the issues going on within their colonial conquests but also the fact that they believed that they were different from other countries who had colonial territories. In reality, it seemed that the Italians knew little or fully understood what the problems were that needed to be solved within in each country. Of course, it makes sense that the political leaders thought that they knew the country well because they were the ones who were trying to rule over it. It would be odd for one country who is trying to rule over another one to admit how terrible they were at what they were doing. I do not think that the Italians were the only ones who were like this. Many other countries who had colonial territories believed that they were benefitting the country when in reality they knew little of the issues there and were not helping settle them at all.

The second point that was of interest to me was the idea that the money and resources that were going into the colonial territories was being spent on the wrong things.  A great example within the reading was with regards to Somalia. Italy should have invested in creating a stronger economy there but also creating a strict border line. Instead, they spent money on the country’s army, which, at the time, was not a good investment, ultimately resulting in Somalia depending more on other countries for aid. This proves that Italy did not fully understand what was going on and that they were no better at colonizing than any other country. This is also, in my opinion, one of the reasons why Italy only focused on the “positive” aspects of colonialism rather than admit that they messed up on multiple occasions many years later.

One thought on “Colonial Misconceptions

  1. I really agree with your first point. I think the idea that “what we’re doing isn’t as bad as what they’re doing” is something that probably went on in every country. I think it’s probably related to patriotism and national exceptionalism.

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