Comments on “Mass-Mediated Fantasies of Feminine Conquest”

I actually enjoyed this article, more so than the two that we read for class on Monday. My favorite part was the analysis of the book, La sposa bianca, because there was so much imagery to look at.

I can see why so many women would have been drawn to going to live in the colonies, especially with all of the ads showing them pictures (no matter how realistic they actually where) as well as telling stories of how wonderful it was there. It made me think that the government could have been definitely trying to get more women to move over to the colonies due to the lack of women who lived there so as to quell the soldiers and other men from “fraternizing” with the African women.

I did not understand how the author of La sposa bianca could say and make a point to criticize others for not portraying a realistic image of life in the colonies and then write a book with, in my opinion, a highly romanticized view of life in the colonies. It was no wonder that women wanted to move there when they were reading stories of women saving the day and ruling over the hearts of many men.

One question that came to mind while reading the article was did how the women feel once they got to the colonies after reading all of these false depictions of the colonies. Were they disappointed? Did they feel naïve and betrayed? I know that I would have felt very disappointed to have believed that life in the colonies was as wonderful as I had read about and then to realize that life was nothing like that. This is something that would be of interest for me to look into further.

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