Complications of Colonizing Islamic Nations

This was only very briefly mentioned in Jerary’s article, but as soon as it was said I realized how strange it was that this exact point hadn’t been a focus in more of the readings we have done. Jerary makes the point that Italy’s critical mistake was trying to bring Christianity and European-style civilization to Libya, because Libya was an Islamic, Arabic nation and was so fundamentally different from those ideologies that it could not be converted. The European lifestyle was not compatible with Islamic tradition.

The reason for this is that, more than most other religions, Islam is more than just a religion. It is very much a way of life, and in many African and Middle Eastern countries, it is engrained in the foundation of the entire nation – its laws, its culture, its values, and its compatibility with other ways of life. Because Islamic influence in Libya was so strong, Italy was weakened by its commitment to imposing a new set of ideals on them.

One thought on “Complications of Colonizing Islamic Nations

  1. This is problem that all colonial powers faced. By wanting to acquire another country for whatever reason and by then forcing their beliefs upon that country in order to establish control they alienate the local population. In any colonial case, if the local people had been apart of the government or been allowed to keep their own traditions while accepting the colonial ones, most of the countries of the world would be consolidated into one or another of the colonial powers.

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