Last Hoorah

This last week has been extremely busy with a huge focus on sales as we are actively working towards meeting a stretch goal this month. The month has been filled with research surrounding different selling options, which have lead to our increasing success in sales and acquisitions. I have researched consignment stores in the area as well as different Ebay tactics as ways to increase our profitability and increase our liquidation – creating a steady flow of quick turnaround from the time Material Wrld accepts clothing to the time that it is sold is the main priority. Additionally,  I have continued to research handbag authentication and have created summary reports of competing companies based off of their accepted handbag brands, sell-through rates, and amount of new handbags per day. These analyses are very important as we go forth and begin accepting and reselling handbags.

In addition, I have learned a lot about merchandising and pricing this past week as I have been able to work closely with the merchandising team while they are expanding and implementing new pricing strategies. This has been one of my favorite activities in the office because I am able to truly appreciate each article of clothing as a piece of art as I inspect, make measurements and price.

I am very happy and proud to say that I will miss working at Material Wrld as I have grown extremely fond of the company and very passionate about watching the company grow. It is all very exciting and I have offered to continue to do research while abroad this upcoming year. Once again, thank you to the Dickinson internship grant for enabling me to live in New York City and have an amazing summer.



With the summer coming to an end, it is important to note that the Dickinson internship grant is one of the main reasons why I got to live in New York City and work at such a great company. I am so grateful that Dickinson has been so generous in enabling me to fully immerse myself in such an extraordinary city for two months.

That being said, two weeks left has posed a lot of different emotions on me because I want to make sure that I have taken full advantage of all that there is to learn at my company. In addition, I am now even more conscious of making a long-lasting impression on my bosses as a hardworking and dedicated intern. One new aspect of working for Material Wrld is that one of the bosses sets aside about an hour to meet with each intern privately to answer questions, teach, or just chat about anything related to the company. These sessions have been very informative as well as an enjoyable to get to know my boss on a personal level.

Thus far, I have taken the initiative to learn about three major aspects of Material Wrld and of entrepreneurship in general:

How the backend marketing systems work and how one learns to use such complicated tools if not learned in a marketing-specific class

What The learnings and most effective strategies are when presenting to either partners or investors and how these meetings typically pan out

How the financial aspects of creating a start-up work and how to begin attracting angel investors if it is not through personal connection

These three points are all extremely crucial to the growth and success of a business, which is why they are the three that I am so focused on learning about. I hope to learn ways in which these skills can be mastered through more conversations with my bosses and through many questions on my part.

Ads, Ads, Ads

My focus this week is one that I am thrilled about: Marketing.

I am working side by side with the marketing director in order to brainstorm and create six ads that will go live next week. Although I have only been working on this for two days thus far, I have already begun learning a wide range of tactics and analyses that are used to better different marketing strategies.

The two main types of ads that I am focusing on are ads with target words appealing to “sellers” and ads with target words appealing to “consigners.” It is very interesting to understand the psychology behind different root words and key words and how they affect the amount of traffic going to our site. In addition, I am researching a variety of different Google searches in order to pinpoint and understand the desires and needs of target customers.

Once the ads are live, I will be trained on different tracking websites so that I can watch the progress of each ad. Throughout the process, I have learned that it is ok  for ads to be completely useless to most people as long as they hit the exact target of your preferred customer. In addition, it is interesting to find a balance of the amount of people that the ad attracts because we are looking to increase our conversion rate of clicks on the ad to actual sales at our company – The tricky part is driving away people who will not actually use the service but luring in people who will be a perfect client.

Overall, this is a huge learning process as I am able to use the backend systems and have access to information such as costs per ad, costs per click, conversion rates and much more. Not only am I getting creative with designing successful ads, but I am learning a lot about all of the important variables that go into prosperous marketing.

Blog and Marketing Projects


Luckily, there are over 30,000 high-volume bloggers that could be great resources as a way to boost Material Wrld’s popularity while targeting our preferred clients. The hard part is filtering through each one in order to discover those that fully match our brand specifications and identity as a company. This wide range of bloggers has now been narrowed down to 500, and it is my job to  minimize that further by handpicking the outliers of the grouping.

This has been an exciting (and fun!) undertaking throughout the week and I feel that I have truly internalized Material Wrld’s branding vision and am able to immediately pinpoint blogs as either parallel to Material Wrld or slightly incompatible. This ability to discard those that are even only a bit off of our brand identity is crucial to choosing a well-suited blog site to attract attention from the correct audience.

In addition to this new acquisition, I was able to sit in on a meeting with Material Wrld’s marketing expert in order to gain more insight on the methods and channels that Material Wrld has used and is planning on piloting.  This was very interesting because it gave me a lot of information about different kinds of online marketing strategies and the differences that can make or break the traffic and later on profit towards your company. Now having heard the marketing associate discuss all of her trials and triumphs, I am curious to see which types of adds Material Wrld will produce next because it is very apparent that slight variations in adds can lead to huge changes in site traffic.

Overall, there are many of exciting projects beginning and I am thrilled to be able to participate and lend support in a variety of different areas so that my days are not dull and I can acquire as much knowledge as I can.


Be ☮ne With Your Company

One of my favorite aspects about working for Material Wrld is the exposure that I inevitably obtain from observing and working at a company where the details of so many small and large scale projects matter so much. Whether I am sitting in on a meeting, listening to our branding expert speak about our brand manifesto or researching necessary topics, I always know that my work matters and that it is appreciated.

This week, I have been fortunate enough to have the role of scripting email invitations as well as in store encounters with other fashion companies in order to propose a business partnership collaboration. In the past, Material Wrld has been able to connect with Theory and Steven Alan in order to cohost events that are mutually beneficial to our company and our partners by driving excess consumers to both.

Thus far, I have learned about a very fundamental necessity that is the key factor in succeeding at any job you do – you must have a voice and responsibility in order to be happy. Once your work genuinely means something to you and to your company, you can begin on a long road of satisfaction and enjoyment. I have never understood how people can spend so many hours a day at work, if they are not putting in full effort…what is the point? I now see how VITAL it is that everyone puts in 110%, because without it, not only will you lack internal control and happiness but your company will lack character and progress.


1. Keep it interesting for yourself – choose to take on tasks that will help you to grow

2. Take a break if needed – don’t suffer if you are brain dead for a few minutes – take a break and surf the web or grab a coffee to refresh yourself

3. Maintain an open mind about your employers – trust the people who work above you – do not minimize their efforts or you will just get frustrated!

4. Find meaning – look for the light and the reason behind all that you do – envision the impact or non-impact you can/will have regarding different choices you make

5. Enjoy – we are still only interns – don’t be too hard on yourself if you do not do something right – take advantage of being able to make mistakes

Overall, this week has been one where I have been able to reflect on my personal beliefs and goals regarding the direction of my internship. Luckily, with Material Wrld, I am able to tailor my desires and needs with different aspects of the company!

VIP Events

After a few weeks of hard work and long hours, I was given the opportunity to attend a Steven Alan 20th anniversary celebration in NYC. To be quite honest, I did not know the designer Steven Alan until I began working for Material Wrld, but I now realize that I was in the presence of and got to “schmooze” with a very famous and brilliant man. His style stands out in the fashion world because although his clothing is extremely high end, it is extremely casual. I like to think of it as a form of casual luxury – if you have about $650 to spend on a cotton beach tee, then Steve’s apparel is perfect for you.

My favorite part of the night was being able to socialize with my two bosses on an even more personal level and in a very hip setting. They were still my bosses, but I felt a whole new level of our relationship grow as we chatted and exchanged stories that were about all different topics. It really made me see how incredible it is for such well-rounded and intelligent women to have such drive and sophistication in running a company the way that they do.

I am proud to say that I have been succeeding not only with my daily tasks around the office but also with my research for large-scale projects that Material Wrld is undertaking. I have been researching top designer boutiques around the country in order to analyze and compile statistics that will demonstrate how similar or dissimiliar the companies are from Material Wrld. In doing so, I have matured as a professional because I am able to manage my time at the office in order to complete a formal report of my findings.


-I am curating a selection of fashions for a VIP Material Wrld event this week!


Projects, Projects and More Projects

For the past two weeks, I have been lucky enough to have been the first intern to join the Material Wrld team for the summer. I got one-on-one training and began to feel very comfortable around the office as an individual rather than as a person within a group of other interns. I was aware that two additional interns would begin on boarding in  early June and, sure enough, they have officially arrived. I was very curious to understand how our boss would decide to divvy up tasks and on what basis she would be doing so.

At first, I was a bit confused as I learned that the other two interns had been doing research for our company prior to getting to New York and I immediately began to wonder why I wasn’t given those responsibilities as well. Usually, I tend to be a more reserved person who does not want to disrupt or question such things, but I suddenly decided to approach my boss and ask if I could have more projects or begin doing research. I did this because working in fashion is something that I want and love, and I know that I have to perservere to have my strengths and capabilities be seen and heard throughout the process.

My boss was extremely enthused and actually gave me the reigns to work on multiple projects that go far beyond just research, but that actually enable me to work towards piloting new services that our company will be launching. In addition, she gave me the independence to design company cards that will explain our company process, purpose, and amenities.

These new tasks are very exciting for me because I now spend my days buzzing around with all different ideas and opportunities in my head. I am even more excited because I am ready to prove my worth and produce successful results!



The Reality of Interning at a Fashion Company

Well, I am pretty sure everyone has seen or heard of the movie The Devil Wears Prada – a movie where the boss of a high end magazine company condones the pressures of unimaginable tasks and of employee subservience. Not only are the employees overworked, but they are overworked with menial responsibilities that don’t necessarily broaden their knowledge of the work that they have desperately fought to have a shot at: Fashion.

Of course there are still companies out there, fashion or not, that have a persistently unhealthy work environment for their organization and employees. However, the company that I am currently interning for, Material Wrld, is a startup fashion organization that is co-founded by two young Harvard Business School graduates looking to inspire and create luxury for women around the world. The business not only has the focus of creating an environment of self-growth for employees, but it also focuses on international relations and sustainability (which, being a Dickinsonian, how could I resist?).

My daily tasks never consist of  mindless efforts, but rather, analyses and decision making that directly affect the entire company. I can say that I truly have a voice and am respected as an intelligent and reliable worker.

Most of my daily tasks include:

-Photographing products and listing them for sale

-Managing social media platforms

-Double-checking and re-checking past processes  that take place

-Learning and reading through manuals about all aspects of the business

-Meeting with my boss in order to understand goals and expectations

Understanding goals is extremely important because my office places a lot of responsibility within the individuals to make fast and smart decisions when dealing with the unexpected happenings that come along with being in the startup phase of business development.

Overall, having a lot of responsibility gives me the desire to meet personal as well as company goals – just as the saying says, “The more that you are believed in by others, the more likely you are to believe in yourself.”