Last Hoorah

This last week has been extremely busy with a huge focus on sales as we are actively working towards meeting a stretch goal this month. The month has been filled with research surrounding different selling options, which have lead to our increasing success in sales and acquisitions. I have researched consignment stores in the area as well as different Ebay tactics as ways to increase our profitability and increase our liquidation – creating a steady flow of quick turnaround from the time Material Wrld accepts clothing to the time that it is sold is the main priority. Additionally,  I have continued to research handbag authentication and have created summary reports of competing companies based off of their accepted handbag brands, sell-through rates, and amount of new handbags per day. These analyses are very important as we go forth and begin accepting and reselling handbags.

In addition, I have learned a lot about merchandising and pricing this past week as I have been able to work closely with the merchandising team while they are expanding and implementing new pricing strategies. This has been one of my favorite activities in the office because I am able to truly appreciate each article of clothing as a piece of art as I inspect, make measurements and price.

I am very happy and proud to say that I will miss working at Material Wrld as I have grown extremely fond of the company and very passionate about watching the company grow. It is all very exciting and I have offered to continue to do research while abroad this upcoming year. Once again, thank you to the Dickinson internship grant for enabling me to live in New York City and have an amazing summer.


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