Onsen in the Nagoya airport

Today, we had our last onsen in Nagoya during the summer program. We had the onsen right before we left Japan. The onsen was in the Nagoya airport!

We left Nanzan at 9:30, and arrived at the Nagoya airport at around 10 am. However, my flight back to China is at 3:40, so I had almost 4 hours free time before check in. Yixue, Xiyu, Quan and I looked around on the 4th floor of the airport. There are restaurants and shops there. Surprisingly, we found an onsen there as well. The onsen in the airport is not as expensive as I expected. It was 1000 yen per adult.

I bought the ticket and went into the onsen. It wasn’t so big, but everything looked so neat. There are 4 pools with one of them being the electrical vibrating seat. It was really awesome. The even cooler thing is that in the onsen, people could see airplanes flying up. It was my first experience to see airplanes while taking a bath!

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