On Tuesday June 22nd Azriel and myself went to a Gackt Concert. I knew very little about Gackt, Azriel on the other hand had been listening to him for the last 7 years. Because we had a free day and were unsure as to how the concert system in Japan works we decided to get there early. We headed out and after a little confusion found the Nagoya Zepp Building. We arrived at about 12 in the afternoon and along with  about 5 other people, we were the only people there. The line started to grow at about 1ish and then it expanded quite quickly. At 3, the merchandise opened, and I got myself a pair of Gackt Boxers (Black with a red chicken in a suit). The name of the concert series was called YFC (Yellow Fried Chicken) and they were selling merchandise with that theme in mind including a box that looked like a KFC bow… except instead of the Coronal, you had Gackt on the box. Finally at about 6 the lines for the actual show started to form… in groups. It was organized by ticket sections. Azriel and I thought for about 30 min that we we in one group on the floor…. Wrong… our ticket was for the group 2 to last in the back. Once we managed to get inside at almost 7 in at night we saw an opportunity and we took it. Earlier we had talked to this woman who spoke english but was from Philippines if I remember correctly… anyhow, she had told us earlier that when we get into the building to stay to the side until we reach the front, as opposed to trying to fight through the crowd. Boy did we luck out, se saw a door open in a section ahead of ours and we bolted in to the Fanclub section and within 2 minutes we we already 20 feet from the stage, 10 minutes later we had pushed our way to about 8 feet, and by the end of the night we had each managed to be 3 ft away from Gackt. The Concert was amazing, and the fans insane. Throughout the performance, at given intervals you could hear high-pitched GACKTO’s. Overall the experience was a good one, though for future reference there is no need to get there so early, because you’re not getting in any faster unless you ticket lets you.

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