Looking Back 8: Final Thoughts and Nagoya Farewell

Our final week in Nagoya went by in a blur, as I look back on it. We had everything from a group presentation with Yamagishi-sensei’s class and our own research presentations to arrange, last-minute shopping in Osu to do and arcades to find, and most importantly packing and attempting to remember everything that we had brought with us (and bought along the way) so that we could make it home without any fuss. I did some last-minute kimono shopping in Sakae and ended up with a beautiful pair of gold zori, though they’re a bit small on me since my feet are somewhere around 28 cm and the largest zori come up to 26 cm, (though I’m not complaining). One of the most memorable events of the last few days was going to karaoke at Joysound – twice. We went both on our second to last night and our last night (this time with some of Yamagishi-sensei’s students and even a professor!), and while Yagoto isn’t my favorite area of the Showa-ku ward, it has its benefits.

The final day of classes was too hectic to be at all sad – or, at least that’s how I remember it. We presented our research material for several professors and students, which seemed to go over well, and later went to dinner with lots of the professors and friends we had met during our stay in Nagoya. It was certainly a memorable evening, and I am incredibly grateful to have met the people I did while in a place as wonderful as Japan. Though the flights home were, as expected, long and exhausting, it was nice to be let into my own home again after about three and a half weeks of being gone. I miss Japan so much already, though (and I think the culture shock was more extreme coming back, to be honest), and I’m looking forward to returning many times in the future.

(I didn’t get a good picture of the Joysound that we went to, but this is a picture of it from their website!)

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