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Literary adaptation has been a staple of film since practically its inception. Though cinema has had a long and fruitful relationship with literature in many countries, there is a particularly close relationship between the two in Japan. Some of the most renowned auteurs have adapted stories from the most well regarded authors. Kurosawa has adapted Akutagawa (and Shakespeare); Mizoguchi, Ōgai and Tanizaki; Toyoda, Kawabata; Teshigahara, Abe; and Ichikawa Kon who has adapted works by several of the modern literary masters: Soseki, Ōoka, Tanizaki and Mishima. Often these films are masterpieces of their own right. But not all adaptations of Japanese literature are Japanese, and not all adaptations are from high literature. Light novels and manga have also been made into films.

Here you will find film reviews of films based on Japanese literary sources.

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